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SSC Minutes Sep. 6, 2016

Morse High School

School Site Council (SSC) Minutes

Sep. 6, 2016

Member Present:Y. Black,  M. Gendron , G. Guilas, J. Orona, L. Sanchez, H. Shelton, M. Irby.

Members Absent:      H. Green, E. Campos-Benitez (student)

Meeting called to order at 4:16 pm by chair, Mr. Gendron.

Minutes were moved by Ms. Black and second by Mr. Shelton. The motion was carried.

Parent Report:  September 22, back to school night. Joyce Orona- students will be getting passports.

New Business:


Principal’s Report:

Dr. Shelton welcome everybody. We need to revise at our membership. We are close to 1,700 students; and we were predicted to have 1,800. We are still figuring out what students are actually enrolled.

We revised the budget for 2016-2017. Parent involvement balance is $8,177.00.  We graduated 404 students out of 420 students. We have 99% graduation rate. We are silver level recognized school. We are improving in meeting the needs of our population.


ELAC:  There was no report.

SSC will take responsibility over this body.


DAC Report: There was no report.

Round Table: Ms. Guilas encouraged everybody to join PTSA. Ms. Black- There is a football game at Chula Vista this Friday.

Public Comments:  none

The meeting was adjourned @ 5:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


Ms. Green, Secretary                                                              Mark Gendron

Ms. Sanchez, Assistant Secretary                                           SSC Chair Person

                                                                                                Harry Shelton