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SSC Minutes October 7, 2015


                                                        SSC MINUTES


                                                        OCTOBER 7, 2015




Members present:  Green, H.,  Gendron, M., Guilas, G.,  Orano, J., Sanchez, L., Rockett, R., Irby, M.




The meeting was called to order by our chair, Mr. Gendron @ 17:05. The Chair asked for the Council to read the Minutes for approval, additons, or deletions. Ms. Green had one correction. She wanted it noted that she was teaching CRASH and was absent legally. The minutes were corrected and approved. Shelton/Rockett




Last Friday: Coffee with the principal went very well. The counselors will be joining the group.




We have a new Parent Resource Center (M101). Please come by and visit.




Time change: The SSC will meet @ 4:00 P. M. The time change was discussed at great length. it was  motioned and approved. Guilas/Shelton The motion carried.




Mr. Shelton's report:




We began with $393,021.00


$123,622.48 has been allocated


10% has been allocated for teachers' P. D.




Mr. Laine: Site  Emergency  Plan (Public Document)Mr. Laine discussed the plan at great length and was pleased


that the earthquake drill went well. Mr. Laine explained the Lock down. "We must have a Plan in place at all times."


"Kudos to staff and students."




DAC Report: Green/Shelton




Dr. Shelton discussed that there are funds that will be available. At least that is what he and Ms. Green have been told. There is a wish list that Dr. Shelton, Green, Gendron & Orano will be working on to get to Amy Redding by November 20, 2015.




Round table:


Guilas: Please become a PTSA member.




Public comment"


The meeting was adjourned @ 5:56 P. M.



Respectfully submitted,




Helen A. Green


SSC Secretary




Mark Gendron


Chair Person




Dr. Harry Shelton