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SSC Minutes June 7, 2016

Morse High School

                                                School Site Council (SSC) Minutes

                                                            June 7, 2016


Members Present:

Gendron, M, Guilas, G., Orano, J., Sanchez, L., Irby, M., Rockett, R.,

Green, H.,

Members Absent: Black, Y., Natanun, N.,


Students Present: Siegel-Singh, Caroline


Ex Officios:

Dr. Harry Shelton Principal

William Laine Vice Principal


The meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m.

The Chair person asked for the Minutes to be read for approval. The Minutes were read and approved. There was one correction.



Parent report:  Orano

Breakfast for the volunteers 19th of May. It went well.


Principal’s Report: Mr. Laine was acting Principal due to Dr. Shelton’s absence. Mr. Laine discussed the budget & the transfers.


Budget Transfers:

RESOURCE 30100 and RESOURCE 30103

Down, $6,000

Down, $4,000

Move - $3,64,600


Parent Budget: $430.00


All Budgets Are Balanced.


Motion Carried

DAC Report – Green

No report


Round Table:

Green – Nothing


Yearbook: One off the best yearbooks, Got 1st place at the Del Mar Fair(San Diego Country Fair)

Mr. Rockett made the statement that his son’s name was not spelled correctly in the yearbook.


Orano- Nothing

Guilas- PTSA Mr. Gendron is the new president.


Mr.Laine- Went to the prom with Dr. Shelton


Gendron- Nothing


Rockett- Son’s name misspelled in the yearbook.


Sanchez – “Sorry for being late.”


Math Teachers, Mrs.Vega, Mrs. Nemecek, Mrs. Sanchez will be honored at the county auditorium.


The meeting was adjourned @ 4:20PM


Respectfully submitted,

Helen Green – Secretary

Mr. Gendron – Chair Person

Dr. Shelton – Principal