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SSC Minutes June 2, 2015

Member Present: E. Ahlgren , Y. Black, M. Gendron, G. Guilas, M. Irby, J. Orona, L. Sanchez, H. Shelton, R. Rockett


Members Absent:      E. Campos-Benitez (student), H. Green,

                                   Jorge Leos (student), Caroline Siegel-Singh (student), N. Natanun


Called to order @ 5:04 pm. Minutes were approved. J. Orona/G. Guilas


Parent Report:  Last Friday 5/29/15  We had the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in the parent’s center. This Friday 6/5/15 we will have the last Coffee with the Principal Event in the parent’s center. (J. Orona)

Principal’s Report:

Principal reviewed the 2014-2015 school budget. We need to make some transfers to balance the budget. Motion to approve budget transfers as outlined below was made by Ms. Black and second by E. Ahlgren.

We will review SSC By laws in the future please read them and make any suggestions.

We need to edit the student membership selection process. Now, we have an open election.

DAC Report:  (H. Green is absent)

There is no report.

ELAC:  There is no report.

SSC will take responsibility over this body. 

Round Table: Fare well to Elizabeth Ahlgren. She is leaving us. The Police presentation was an excellent event well taken by students. Prom was in a great setting. It was a nice evening for students.

Public Comments:  


The meeting was adjourned @ 5:19pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lourdes Sanchez                                                                     Mark Gendron

Assistant Secretary                                                                 SSC Chair Person


                                                                                                Harry Shelton