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Senior Dedication

Morse High School's 5th Battalion JROTC is PROUD to announce that the seniors in this upcoming program are moving toward bigger and better things!
Name: Regina Francia
Colleges Accepted: SDSU, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara
Name: Joesph Fransico
Colleges Accepted: CSU San marcos, SDSU
Name: Darrel Gallardo
Colleges Accepted: Chico State, CSU San Marocs
Name: Fransico Garcia
College Accepted: MESA Community College
Name: Eirein Harn
College Accepted: SDSU
Name: John Lim
Colleges Accepted: SDSU, CSU San Marcos
Name: Jennifer Lorenzo
Colleges Accepted: CSU Los Angeles, USC, CSU Chico, SDSU, UCSD
Name: Eduardo Murillo
Colleges Accepted: CSU San Marcos, SFSU,Los Angeles, UC Irvine
Name:Jeffrey Pantig
Colleges Accepted: CSU San Marcos, SDSU, UCSD, UC Irvine
Name:Alyssa Ramos
Colleges Accepted: SFSU, CSU San Marcos, CSU Monterey Bay, CSU Chico
Name: Geremy Ronquillo
Colleges Accepted:Fresno State, SDSU, Grand Canyon Uiversity, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine
Name: Josue Torres-Ramirez
College Accepted: UCSD
Name: Maria Ventura
Colleges Accepted: CSU San Marcos, Cal Poly Pomona, SDSU, UCSD, UC Los Angeles
Name: Briana Villasenor
Colleges Accepted: CSU Los Angeles, SFSU, Sacramento State, UC Santa Cruz