District Home

Selman, Heidi

Department : SpEd

Room: 305
Email: hselman@sandi.net
Phone: 619-262-0763 Ext. 4305

SpEd Mild/Moderate

Google Classsroom

Period 1 Study Skills code:  dbvuerk
Period 5 Study Skills code:  d7ika36
Advisory code:  evp4o3j

We will be mainly using google classroom. Please sign into your google classroom using your school email and accept all class invites. At a later date I will discuss using Zoom and Canvas.

Hey everybody...I miss you! We are going to see what we can do with this starting Monday, April 6th. We won't have any assignments, but will use this to try to stay in touch, help with your other classes, answer any questions or concerns you have about school and your classes. And also just to talk about everything going on. Because this has never happened in your lifetime, my lifetime, my parents lifetime... Let's just say, this will be a place to stay in touch, talk about what is going on, figure out how to help each other during this time, and learn some things along the way! Hopefully interacting with you soon...stay healthy and take care of yourselves!