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School Update from Principal Larkin

Good evening, Morse families. I am coming to you with another update. 

First of all, thank you for ALL of your patience during this time. My intent was to email you all an update yesterday, but the day got away from me as there is so much going on right now. 

UPDATE: Technology Distribution at Morse High School

Today was Day 1 of Morse High School's technology distribution. I stopped by Morse this afternoon to see how things were going, and everything looked smooth. I hope no one had any issues with getting either a laptop or Internet connection. If you missed your day and it was today, no worries. You can go on ANY day and get your technology.  For everyone's reference, I will attach another copy of the distribution schedule for your review. 

April 6th-April 24th Soft Launch for Online Learning

I know you all have so many questions. I am attaching the district's FAQ to help you better understand how this is all supposed to work. Please click on this link: Soft launch FAQs

Morse High's Schedule for Distance Learning

I have attached a copy of Morse's Online Distance Learning Schedule. Our students will be expected to be working on their school work from 8:00-12:00 each day. But this time is flexible based on the model the teacher is using. Teachers have been given the option of THREE distance learning models. Some students will be expected to be online live while their teacher is lecturing. Other teachers may have chosen to record their lecture or lesson for the day/week and students are expected to go online and watch a recording of the teacher's lesson/lecture. However, students are expected to be doing some type of work each day between the hours of 8:00-12:00. But this is flexible. 

On Mondays, dedicated time will be provided for Periods 1 and 2 

On Wednesdays, dedicated time will be provided for Periods 3 and 4

On Fridays, dedicated time will be provided for Periods 5 and 6

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students are to use this time to work on the assignments given from all of their teachers AND they can use this time to contact their teachers for support. 

I hope this makes sense via email. 

How do students access their online class?

I am in the process of having teachers update their teacher's pages on Morse's website by adding the link to their online distance learning platform. Students will need to go to www.sandi.net/Morse to access their teacher's page. When they go to the website, they should click on Departments and then find the department their teacher teaches. They can find individual teachers' webpages under their department. Students WILL be expected to find their teachers' webpages and access the online learning platform. Going to Morse's website will be the easiest way to ensure that ALL students know how to access ALL of their classes. 


Morse is still offering our after school credit recovery program. So any student who was already enrolled in CRASH will be expected to continue their work on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to make up the credit they missed. Students are expected to reach out to their CRASH teacher for additional information. 

“Harmless" Grading Protocol

  • You may have heard that ALL students’ grades were frozen as of March 13th. If a student had a C in his/her class on March 13th, their grade cannot be lowered. 
    • For example, if a student has a C in his/her class effective March 13th, that student CANNOT earn any grade lower than a C for the S2 grading period. The student can work really hard and earn an A or B. But even if the student does not do well on the rest of his/her assignments, he/she WILL receive a C for the S2 grading period. 
  • We are not trying to publicize this to our students because we do not want them to think that they don't need to continue learning during our school closure. However, this is what is going to happen and so I need parents to understand this. I hope you all will encourage your child to continue striving toward excellence and complete all of their assignments...especially when we officially launch our online program on Monday, April 27th. 

Special Education

If your child has an IEP, please know that we are resuming IEP meetings on April 27th. Please reach out to your child's case manager for questions or concerns. VP Duren is the administrator who oversees our special education department. Please contact her at aduren@sandi.net for additional support or questions. 


While I am available for questions, so are Morse's vice principals. Please reach out to your child's alpha VP or counselor if you have concerns or questions during this time.

Last name of students:

A-L: VP Duren: aduren@sandi.net

M-Z: VP Malcolm: kmalcom@sandi.net 


A-ER: Counselor Ward: bward@sandi.net

ES-MOO: Counselor Mullaney: mmullaney@sandi.net

MOR-PO- Counselor Flint: kflint@sandi.net (Ms. Flint also oversees all students enrolled in college classes)

PR-Z: Counselor Wegener: wwegener@sandi.net

Thank you,

Dr. Cynthia Larkin, Principal, Morse High School

Parent Brochure for Distance Learning.pdf 

Morse High's Distance Learning Schedule.pdf 

Family Communication Device Distribution .pdf 

Morse Technology Distribution List - Final.pdf