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Safety Conditions, School Facilities

 Safety Conditions, Cleanliness, School Facilities

 Maintaining a clean and safe campus is a priority of the Morse High School staff and student body. A common belief of Morse is that it is essential to have a clean and safe campus to best foster a sense of pride, enhance student learning and develop responsible citizens. All classrooms have been or are being equipped with new technology in yearly waves by department to further enhance student learning.

 Due to district budget cuts and personnel reductions, the number of hours allocated to plant maintenance and cleanliness has been greatly reduced. This is a major challenge as the school seeks to balance its resources and determine where and how to use its shrinking dollars. The school no longer has a full-time gardener and landscape manager; therefore, custodians need to help with certain landscape needs to keep students safe. Reduction in staffing has impacted our custodial services and classrooms are cleaned on a rotational basis, since there are not enough employees to clean every classroom daily. Kitchens, restrooms, and areas needing daily sanitation are still cleaned each day, and all trash is emptied out of classrooms every day.

 In an effort to keep a clean campus and develop a collective, environmental consciousness, different groups and individuals have made significant contributions. On a school-wide basis, all staff and students are encouraged to embrace campus pride and cleanliness. Classrooms and offices are all provided recycling receptacles. Additionally, many clubs, teams, and some of the special education classes run mini recycling programs to raise funds.

 Campus safety is a number one priority. School security is highly visible in all areas of the Morse campus and at all major school activities. The completion of recent building renovations has provided handicap access to all classrooms. Construction is in progress to modernize and improve facilities and classroom offerings for Morse students. ASB students are trained in sensitive areas in order to help individual students and groups deal with personal issues, which could easily keep students safe while on campus or in the community.

 The library media center is open to students 40 hours per week from 6:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. The library book collection contains approximately 25,000 titles in circulation and 1,500 volumes in the reference section. Morse has sufficient textbooks to provide each student with a textbook for all classes in which they are enrolled in compliance with the Williams Act legislation. In many instances teachers also have class sets of the texts. We have 200 novel titles (80-200 copies of each) which supplement our language arts courses and many additional textbooks to supplement both our core and elective classes.  The library media center also provides students and staff access to 50 computers with internet access, an electronic card catalog, word processing, printing, and four subscription online databases for research projects.