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Principal Update 5/28/20

Hello Morse families of senior students. I hope all is well with you. 
I am sending this email to the entire student body to ensure the likelihood that ALL senior families receive this important message regarding our June 9th senior celebration. If you are not a parent of a senior, you do not have to read this email. 
Senior Pick Up and Return
  1. On Thursday, June 4th, seniors will come to Morse High School following this schedule that is based on their alpha last name:
    1. A-C 8:00-9:00 a.m.
    2. D-L 9:00-10:00 a.m.
    3. M-Q 10:00-11:00 a.m.
    4. Q-Z 11:00-12:00 p.m.
  2. UPDATED INFORMATION: Friday, June 5th is the make-up day for seniors to pick up their senior items. If a senior cannot make it Morse on June 4th or June 5th, please send a family member with their ID to pick up your items.
  3. Seniors will come to Morse to PICK UP:
    1. Cap and gown/graduation regalia
      1. The senior class purchased a cap and tassel for EACH graduating senior. Seniors are able to KEEP their cap and tassel. If a senior wants to keep their gown, he/she will have to purchase their gown at an additional cost to the senior. 
      2. UPDATED INFORMATION: I have received questions regarding white gowns and blue gowns. Students who are graduating with academic distinction WILL receive a white gown on June 4th
    2. UPDATED…IMPORTANT: Seniors will receive a color-coded dashboard ticket based on their assigned time. ONLY vehicles with the color-coded ticket will be allowed to enter the parking during their slated alpha time. 
    3. Graduation yard sign
    4. Senior hoodie (IF student pre-ordered/purchased one)
    5. Retrieve any personal items left on campus (i.e., PE lockers, artwork, band instruments, etc.)
    6. If applicable, receive SAC refund/grad nite refund (please bring student ID to receive your refund)
  4. Seniors will RETURN
    1. Textbooks…(if left in a teacher’s classroom, teachers will return to library for senior)
    2. UPDATED INFORMATION: Chromebooks (the district now wants us to collect these now). So please be prepared to turn in your Chromebook on June 4th. Please bring Chromebook AND power cord.
    3. Any type of school uniform or PE shirt (if applicable)
    4. Athletic equipment (if applicable)
    5. Band instruments (if applicable)
  5. Diploma Pick Up Day (this date is still not determined. We are hoping that we can issue graduates their diploma on Wednesday, June 10th, but this date is NOT yet finalized. Once I get the date, I will let you all know. However, on the day students receive their diploma, they must return the following:
    1. Seniors will return their Chromebook...if one was checked out
    2. Gowns will not need to be returned to Morse until July or August 2020...pending an in-person graduation ceremony
  6. Yearbooks
    1. Morse will not receive our 2019-20 yearbook until August 6th. This is due to the printing company closing down due to COVID-19. We will coordinate another day for students to return to Morse to pick up their yearbooks.
    2. UPDATED INFORMATION: The yearbook company has now given the entire student body two-weeks’ access (for free) to review the 2019-20 yearbook online. Look at the attached information to access the yearbook.
      1. Good news! The digital yearbook is now available on iPhone/Android! Students can also create their own Padlet to have friends and faculty sign it. I’ve attached two flyers to share with students. These flyers provide directions for accessing the online yearbook AND the online signing. 
      2. Additionally, if you would like to support a senior and become an angel donor by paying for their yearbook, please click the link to signup: https://forms.gle/3WepeuyzBDQBwP8a8
      3. If you have a senior who haven’t purchased a yearbook because they cannot afford it at this time, please use this link to sign up to receive a yearbook at no cost: https://forms.gle/NgjWgqYXxPj4V9wB8
  7. IMPORTANT: Tuesday, June 9th Celebration
    1. On June 9th, Morse will celebrate and honor our seniors in the following way:
      1. Release senior video (link to video will be posted on Morse's website 
      2. Release senior website (link to Google website will be posted on Morse's website)
      3. Drive Through Senior Celebration
        1. UPDATED INFORMATION: Seniors will come to Morse at their assigned time based on alpha last name: 
          1. A-C 10:00-11:00 a.m. (green colored ticket)
          2. D-L 11:00-12:00 p.m. (gold colored ticket)
          3. M-Q 12:00 -1:00 p.m. (pink colored ticket)
          4. Q-Z 1:00-2:00 p.m. (red colored ticket)
          5. UPDATED…IMPORTANT: On June 4th, seniors will receive a color-coded dashboard ticket based on their assigned time. ONLY vehicles with the color-coded ticket will be allowed to enter the parking during their slated alpha time. 
        2. UPDATED…IMPORTANT: Parking Lot Access: Cars will only be allowed enter the Morse parking lot by making a right from Skyline Drive. Please refer to the attached visual/PDF.
        3. UPDATED INFORMATION: I am allowing ALL students to participate in the senior celebration drive through. We will give EACH senior a cap and gown EVEN if they will not complete all required credits by June 4th. This is NEW. I am doing this ONLY because of this pandemic. I want ALL seniors to feel celebrated on this day. So if a senior has to attend summer school in order to complete all credits, he/she CAN STILL participate in the senior celebration on June 9th. If you have questions about this, please email me for clarification. 
        4. Seniors should be dressed in their cap and gown with regalia (only seniors who are dressed in their cap and gown will be allowed to enter the campus’ processional). UPDATED INFORMATION: Remember…the senior class has paid for each senior to keep their cap and tassel. So seniors are able to decorate their cap if they chose to do so. 
        5. As seniors enter the campus, a staff member will give each senior a diploma cover, face mask, and graduation program. Vehicles will enter Morse off of Skyline. School Police will be available to help with the direction of traffic. All vehicles are to follow the flow of traffic once they enter Morse and follow directions of staff members.
        6. Each graduate can come to Morse in ONE vehicle...family members included in the SAME vehicle. There should be no more than ONE senior per vehicle. If a student does not have a car, he/she can still participate in the celebration by walking up to get their graduation materials and taking a picture.
        7. Seniors are free to decorate their vehicle; ONLY one vehicle per senior is allowed. Any vehicle without a senior dressed in their cap and gown will not be allowed to enter the processional. This means that additional family vehicles are not allowed to join the processional. We will have a lot of senior vehicles in line and cannot afford to have additional vehicles enter the processional. 
        8. Family members riding with their graduate are to stay in their vehicles during the processional. Family members are NOT allowed to exit their vehicle once they are on campus.
        9. As seniors enter campus, Morse staff will be on site to cheer on and welcome our students. (signs, pom poms)
        10. The graduate...still in their vehicle...will drive around to the photo op station. A photographer will take a picture of each graduate. These pictures will be shared with all graduates after the drive through celebration. (Give us a few days to share photos)
        11. IMPORTANT: ONLY the senior is allowed to take a picture in front of Morse's step and repeat. As the principal, I really wanted to take a picture with each student. This is traditionally done at a graduation. However, I have been instructed that no family members or staff members are allowed to take a picture with the graduate. So the graduate will quickly take a picture in front of Morse's step and repeat and then they must get back in their vehicle and exit the campus. Family members can quickly take a picture from their vehicle. But should NOT exit the vehicle. We need to keep the processional moving. Each graduate's photo op should take no longer than approximately 30-45 seconds. 
        12. Once the picture is taken, the vehicle should immediately exit the campus.
        13. IMPORTANT: Morse staff will strictly follow ALL safety and social distancing guidelines. PLEASE...no hugs, handshaking, high-fives, etc. Morse staff will wear masks. Staff members distributing materials to seniors will have gloves on. 
June 9th will be a celebration. Morse staff will be present to cheer on our graduates as they and their families drive through the processional. We will have music playing and decorations displayed. It will be a festive event. I have run this event by several of our students on ASB and they approve of our celebration plans and think that all of our seniors will too. 
Thank you, 
Dr. Cynthia Larkin
Principal, Morse High School