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    Welcome to Morse High School's Army JROTC!
Martin Luther King Jr. Parade:
Morse High School participated in the MLK Parade downtown January 18, 2015 in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.
MLK Parade Participants
Best Drilled Platoon, Squad, and Individual:
Morse High school competed December 13, 2014 at Madison High school against thirteen other school to earn the honor of Best Drill Platoon,Best Drill Squad,Best Drill Individual.
 C/SSG Yalung, Francis
C/SSG Yalung, Francis
Recieved the award of 1st places BDI for LET 2
C/2LT Labadan, Sherwin
C/2LT Labadan, Sherwin
Recieved the award for BDI for LET 2
C/LTC Lim, John
C/LTC Lim, John
Recieved  the award for BDI LET 4
SFC Jackson, Steven
SFC Jackson
Recived the award Bronze Insturctor Award
Starlight Parade:
The Morse High School JROTC participated December 6, 2014 in Chula Vista at the Starlight Parade. Our JROTC Color Guard had the opportunity for a photo shot with the Honorable Susan Davis, and during the parade, Morse JROTC marched behind Susan Davis.
 Morse Color Gaurd wiht Susan  Davis
Morse High School JROTC
Morse High School JROTC
Morse High School Unarmed
Morse High School Armed Drill Team
PTSA Christmas Celebration
December 4, 2014 Morse JROTC kicked off the wonderful PTSA celebration with the Morse JROTC's Color Gaurd presenting the colors. Then followed by performances of the Armed Fancy Drill Team, Unarmed Fancy Drill Team,and Drum Corps.
Morse High School Color Gaurd
Morse High School Unarmed Drill Team
Morse Drum Corps

Vets Parade:
The Morse JROTC participated in the annual Veterans' Day Parade in Downtown San Diego. Morse brought along teams such as Varsity Armed Drill Team, Varsity Unarmed Drill Team, Varsity Drum Corps, Varsity Color Guard, and the 50 State flags. Morse JROTC performed along side the Morse Auxillary teams. Cadets displayed a high level of profressionalism and patriotism for the Veterans who served for this country, as well Active Duty members, and fellow San Diegans.
Vets 1
Vets 2
Vets 3
Vets 4
Vets 5

Cadet Picnic Awards:

Overall Trophy:
Overall Trophy

First Place Female Tug of War:
C/MAJ Ventura, Maria
First Places Female Tug of War

First Place Sack Relay Race:
C/CPT Rioflorido, Victoria
First Place Sack Relay Race

Second Place Male Tug of War:
C/SFC Abarca, Jorge
Second Place Male Tug of War

Second Place Tank Tube:
C/MAJ Francisco, Joseph
Secdond Place Tank Tube

Second Place Hot Shot:
C/MAJ Harn, Eirein Gaile
Second Place Hot Shot

Cadet's Trip To Supreme Court

Supreme Court Trip

I Leslie Delgado, along with forty other students was given the privilege to meet the lovely Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. She is one of the nine Supreme Court Judges, but first Hispanic women to ever be appointed to this position by the President of the United States. In her conversation with the high school students she talked to us about the background of where she came from and her strive for success despite her family hardships. She inspired me to not let my community or ethnic background define me, but to allow my education and knowledge guide me to become who I want to be and study something that interest me.

In her words, she said “my parents didn’t know English well, but they told their children, me and my brother, that education can take us anywhere.” In that moment,  I realized she was just like many of the students in the room, many of whose parents came to U.S. to make a better future for their children. I was surprised at how she presented herself, very funny, yet professional.  My prior thoughts of her were that she may be strict and just try to encourage the students to pursue a career in politics. However, I was proven wrong; when she made time in her busy schedule to reach out to local high school students to have a normal conversation about going to college, because it is possible for everyone no matter if people try to doubt you.

Overall, she gave me the confidence to look ahead and not about my current circumstances because doubt will not get me anywhere, it is constant motivation and goals that will make me reach to my definition of success. She did not become Supreme Court Justice overnight, it took many years of experience and her family, friends, and support to get her to where she is now, and luckily for me I have that as well.

Home Coming Game 10/10/2014
At the home coming game our Drum Corps, Honor Guard, Color Guard, and 50 state volunteers helped out the school by presenting the 50 flags of each state, while Honor Guard presented Home Coming court, Color Guard presented colors at the beginning of game, and Drum Corps supported the crowd by playing in the stands.
50 State and Honor Guard  
50 State volunteers
Honor Guard and Color Guard
Drum Corps
C/CPT Ramos, Alyssa recieved a $2014 scholarship from the CEO of 2 Brothers Construction Company, Eric Le, and Assembly member Rocky Chavez at the Fil Am festival held at Paradise Valley Road on October 4, 2014. 
C/CPT Ramos, Alyssa
On June 4, 2014 Leslie Delgado attended a reality changers ceremony where she received a scholarship check that will be granting her 4000 dollars to UCSD's Academic summer camp this year.  
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  • To appreciate the ethical values and principles that underlie good citizenship.
  • To develop leadership potential, while living and working cooperatively with others.
  • To be able to think logically and to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing.
  • To appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health.
  • To understand the importance of high school graduation for a successful future, and learn about college and other advanced educational and employment opportunities.
  • To develop mental management abilities.
  • To become familiar with military history as it relates to America's culture, and understand the history, purpose, and structure of military services.
  • To develop the skills necessary to work effectively as a member of a team.