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Morse High School Physical Education Department

Mission Statement:  Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, balanced lifestyle; an interest in the promotion of health and fitness; the motivation to participate fully in all aspects of physical education and work toward the attainment of optimal levels of physical fitness; effective communication strategies (verbal, non-verbal and written); the skills of understanding necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities; the ability to reflect critically on all aspects of physical activity including that of being a critical performer; an understanding of international perspectives on physical activity, sport, and health education; AND a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of physical activities as a participant.


Braun, Marissambraun1@sandi.net2956G PE3
Gargonnu, Toflokotgargonnu@sandi.net 2955B-PE2
Graber, Staceysgraber@sandi.net2956G PE6
McNair, Tracytmcnair@sandi.net2955B-PE4, 5