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Morse Interns in PBL /Linked Learning news @ SDUSD

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Student Internship Programs @ Morse High School
and San Diego High

Students from San Diego High and Morse were able to benefit from amazing industry partnerships and gain internships with paid stipends through San Diego Workforce Partnership to complete real-world work. During the spring semester, San Diego High Sci-Tech (Geo-Tech) students partnered with Lumeo to do an energy audit of campus and report their findings to administrators. During the summer, Morse students partnered with OpTerra to create educational resources for students regarding solar power, to build a marketing campaign, and to design a more efficient mechanism for cleaning panels. Students presented their final products to administrators and OpTerra employees. A big thank you to OpTerra, Lumeo, San Diego Workforce Partnership, teachers, and admin that provided the time, energy, and resources to make this happen!

A group of interns at Morse High School meet with industry partner,
OpTerra, during the summer as part of a six week experience.

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