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Mathews, Melanie

Department : Science

Room: 404
Email: mmathews@sandi.net
Phone: 619-262-0763 Ext. 4404

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Hi Everyone, I am hoping you are well and happy. I am currently learning how to use the Canvas platform. Since you know how technologically challenged I am, you can imagine the struggle that is for me. I am confident though that, like you, I will succeed in figuring this out in time for us to start class again on April 27th. As I learn how to use Canvas I will try and send out notifications to you so that you can see my progress! In the meantime, if your grade was not what you had hoped after the 6 week grading period, I noticed that the district has posted lessons for the 2 weeks prior to Spring Break as well as the 3 weeks after. Please do any and all of those lessons. I cannot put in any grades during the time we are out, but I can certainly add points to your grade when we get back for any of the work you completed in those units. So until we are together again either in person or online, stay safe and be good! Mrs. M