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Dia de los Muertos
November 2nd, 2017
Room 505

Hello Tigers! We are at the end of the first semester and looking forward to the holidays. As we begin the month of November we have to be thankful for all the blessings we have and help those who need a helping hand. These couple of months have been very tragic for some countries, including our own. These natural disasters have hit Texas, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. We need to be more thankful and really appreciate what we have and appreciate those around us. Here are some things that you can do to let your loved know you care for them:  Tell them you loved.  Appreciate what they do for you.  Let them know you’re thinking if them.

Hello November!

Veteran’s Day No School
November 10th, 2017

Thanksgiving Break
November 20-24, 2017


On October 7th, 2017 our Leadership Council attend our Fall Kick-Off Retreat at USCD. This event was part of the many workshops our Leadership Council will be attending. Students participated in a challenge course where they learned the importance of being a team and communicating with each other. They had to climb an obstacle course as a team and make it thru together. They also participated in workshops where they talked about today’s issues and what they felt needed to change at their home schools. Our Morse Tigers met other students from the 11 high schools participating in the IMIN program. They really enjoyed being able to meet new students and are looking forward to the upcoming SDLEADS Conferences this year.

IMIN Fall Kick-Off Event Recap

UCSD IMIN Fall Kick-Off Retreat Challenge Course

Students at the UCSD IMIN Fall kick-Off Retreat Workshops



On October 26th, 2017 our Leadership Council hosted their first event of the year. They hosted the Lights on Afterschool event where we celebrated the importance of afterschool programs in the lives of our youth. Our theme this year was Glow in the Dark. The Leadership Council painted t-shirts with glow in the dark paint and had a glow in the dark face paint station for students that wanted to get their face painted. As part of the event, we had our dancing clubs perform for the students that came to celebrate with us. We had Hip-Hop, Ichiban, A-Pop, and Twirl perform. We also had a very special performance by one of our Leadership Council members, Giselle Rodriguez, who sang “Dancing on My Own” by Calum Scott. Students were thrilled to see their fellow classmates dance for them. After our clubs performed, we noticed that there was a lot of student interest in these clubs. They are looking forward to learning more about them and joining them. Overall, students enjoyed every minute of it!

A-Pop at our Lights on Afterschool Event

Leadership Council after Lights on Afterschool

Here are some new clubs happening this month!! Beauty Club: Are you looking into making cosmetology your career? Come join our new Beauty Club and learn all about what it takes to be a cosmetologist. Ms. Misty Jackson will show you what you need to know while having fun! Filming Club: Interested in the filming industry? Join our Filming Club and learn all about! We have teamed up with Game Face to provided students at Morse with the opportunity to learn the process to creating marketable video. They will learn what it takes to make this a career and the path success! For more information on these new cubs, visit our Drop In Center in room 505! Happy Holidays!! Go Tigers!!

Lights on Afterschool

New Clubs!

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