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Gendron, Mark

Department : Science

Room: 408
Email: mgendron@sandi.net
Phone: 619-262-0763 Ext. 4408

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Google Classsroom

Period #1 Adv Physics - 3y7tvip
Period #3 Chemistry - 3k4aeur
Period #4 Physics - ehz65ud
Period #5 Chemistry - bh6qxvk
Period #6 Physics - ebm6bop
CRASH Physics - 6bxqeue

Dear Students,

I pray that you are all healthy and safe as we enter a new phase of your instruction. With all that is going on it is important for everyone to be as safe as possible and follow ALL of the CDC guidelines. 

As you all know, Last semester I set up Google Classrooms for each and every class and just recently I have also set up a Google Classroom for CRASH Physics. If you have lost, forgotten, or just never wrote down the code for your class, you can email me at mgendron@sandi.net, text me at 619-750-2324, or they are posted on this page.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you starting on the 27th when we go live with our “On-Line Learning”. There are [Enrichment] lessons that can earn you extra credit but are not required. They will all be marked in the Title with [Enrichment]. Some of the labs will be Virtual while others will be demonstrations, and still, others will be ones you can do at home.

They say the Greatest Adventure is one into the unknown. For most of us, Distance Learning is going to be a Great Adventure. I hope it will be as much fun for all of you as it will be for me.

Mark Gendron