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Crawford, Melanie

Department : Social Science

Room: 216
Email: mcrawford2@sandi.net
Phone: 619-262-0763 Ext. 4216

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Classroom codes:
Honors US (periods 1 and 5) nsqykhn 
Identity and Agency in US history (periods 3 and 4) ilfweww 
APEuro (period 2) agkrav6

Remind AP
Honors U.S. (periods 1 and 5) access code -@ec8f4ec
AP Euro (period 2) access code-@8c9dc63
Identity and Agency in U.S. History (Periods 3 and 4) access code- @iandai
Khan Academy
Identity and Agency in US History - class code NENHU9UY
Honors US History - class code 9SGW8V38