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Credit Recovery After School Hours 

Session 1: October 16 – December 20




All students who need to make up D’s or F’s in any of these classes can show up to the first class meeting, whether you are assigned to attend by your Counselor or not.

You do NOT need to come to the office to sign up. Enrollments will happen on the first day of class.

Priority will be given to students in order of grade level (12th, 11th, 10th then 9th grade). 

Classes will be capped at 36 students and must have a minimum of 25 students. 

You may only miss TWO days of CRASH. Three or more absences will be an automatic drop. 

All classes meet 2:30-5:00PM. Students must sign in at the beginning and out at the end of every class.

There will be one break at approximately 3:45PM. Snack will be provided. 

Course               Teacher          Room         

Chemistry           Holliday             415

Physics                Nemecek          414

                          (Thursdays)       408

English                McCoy              T201
(9th - 11th grade)

US History           Crawford          216

World History       Wirkus             311

(Biology is not offered)

NOTE:  Since students may only have TWO absences, Tuesday, October 23rd will be the last day to ENROLL in CRASH classes.  The first two days will count as absences and students who enroll on these days will not be able to miss any more days in order to earn credit.