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CASSAS May 11th

Reminder to Seniors that if you are on the LOP for attendance, behavior, or grades, you will not be able to attend prom. You can ONLY have 11 or less combined uncleared absences/tardies (S1 and S2 uncleared absences or tardies) to attend.  
And to participate in the graduation ceremony, you MUST have no more than 18 uncleared absences/tardies 
Seniors, prom attendance is based on the P4 grades. Prom is on Saturday, May 25th. 
The grading period ends on Friday, May 3rd. Grades are issued to students on Friday, May 10th. Seniors ONLY have two weeks to make sure they have a 2.0 GPA for the grading period. 
Prom tickets will be sold from 5/13-5/21. If students do not have 11 or fewer uncleared absences or tardies by 5/21, they will NOT be able to attend prom based on their attendance.