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Banuelos, Kathy

Department : English

Room: B202
Email: kbanuelos@sandi.net
Phone: 619-262-0763 Ext. 4024

Class information and Syllabus

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Download Ms. Banuelos' Distance Learning Document

Dear Students and families,

       I am excited to get back to learning with all of you officially starting on April 27th. On that date I will officially post daily lessons (I’ll post in the evening so they will be ready to go if any of you are early birds and like to get school work done early.) The due dates will always be the next day by 11:59 pm unless it’s a longer writing assignment.  

I will be using the distance learning model 2, which means I will continue to use Google classroom daily and will use lessons similar to what I used in class, except now you’ll have to guide your own learning and email me or chat with me if you have questions. I will incorporate discussion boards, writing assignments,  possibly ask you to post short videos using Flipgrid and will look into ways we can use a Google Meet feature so you all can interact. I hope we will find ways to feel connected even as we continue learning online. As an optional possibility, we may use Zoom to connect if I feel it is a necessary mode for us to interact. Don’t worry about technology issues because if it doesn’t work for us, we will continue to use Google Classroom.

Morse also needs your personal email address. If you have not done so, please fill out this form.  


Contact info:

My email address is Kbanuelos@sandi.net and I will be checking my email throughout the regular school hours as well as in the evenings, so feel free to reach out to me with concerns, questions or if you need any help with the assignments.  I should get back within a few hours.

Co-teacher contact info:

Periods 1, 3 and 4 have a co-teacher Ms. Cruz Zoeller. (Students call her Ms. Cruz). Students and families can also contact her for support via email at czoeller@sandi.net

She is also available to provide support via Zoom or Google Meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-12pm.  Reach out to her via email if you want to schedule a time to meet with her.

Period 6 my co-teacher is Ms. Michelle Jenkins. Students can email her if you have any questions at mjenkins@sandi.net

Office hours:

 You can email me throughout the day and evening and I should respond within a few hours. Available via Google Meet from 3:30pm-4:30pm. More info will follow once I complete training for the Google feature.

PowerSchool Grades

 I will be updating grades every Monday  morning. During this time I prefer students stick to deadlines so they can earn full credit. Students should stick to the weekly schedule and turn in all work by Friday of that week in order for it to count in their grades.  

Google Classroom Codes

Just in case you get locked out of Google Classroom or if you never enrolled for some reason, the following codes apply to your class period.

Period 1 (English 1-2) Code: cbc7g4q
Period 2 (Contemporary Voices) Code: iutdmo4
Period 3 (English 1-2) Code: cbpdjoh
Period 4 (Contemporary Voices) Code: 6ei657s
Period 6 (Contemporary Voices) Code: f7z7i5p

Online learning from April 6-24 

During this time I want to continue to interact with all of my classes using Google classroom. Complete assignments to help you get your grades up.  If you already have an A, use these assignments as your daily mental workout. You need to keep your mind sharp even if you are on a break from being in school physically.  I will be updating PowerSchool to reflect your submitted work. 

Stay positive and stay safe through social distancing. If you have any questions, email me. 

Ms. Kathy Banuelos