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AP testing May 6-17.

AP Testing Schedule

Hello Tigers,  

    AP (College Advanced Placement) Exams will be occurring from May 6 through May 17th inside the Auditorium and Cafeteria from 7am to 3pm.  There are two exams each day both are usually 3 hours long. Please respect your fellow Tigers that will be taking these exams and respect the sections that will be closed off during nutrition break, morning breakfast, lunch and after school. Signs will be posted.

   Your cooperation is always appreciated as many of you last year, remembered that those areas were closed for AP testing.

   The Cafeteria will serve lunch out of the windows outside but the interior Cafeteria doors will be closed during this testing time.

   Taking an AP course is a wonderful Stripe to add to your Morse Tiger coat and administration encourages all to consider taking at least one AP course by your 12th grade year if not a few more. They help prepare you for college and career.  Wishing all a wonderful month of May.


Tara McGuigan
Vice Principal
Morse High School