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Principal Update 5/19/20
Senior website information
Yearbook update
If you still have not purchased a yearbook, please see the flier below. Distribution dates will be July or August. 20-21 Yearbook Application here
IMIN newsletters
May 18th. Check it out!
Students' Guide to AP Exams 2020
Keep up to date you with AP info here
SDUSD High School Teacher of the Year
Deirdre Fabian!! Congrats Deirdre
Summer School 2020
Get the info here
Principal Update 5/16/20
Registration, summer school info, P4 grading, and more
Principal Update 5/15/20
Graduation ceremony updates, cap/gown, yard signs, yeatbook and more here!
Morse Counseling Weekly Update
14 Apr. 2020. Check it out!

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