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Student Email / Learning Resources - School Closure

Hello Students:

Welcome to learning away from school!

How do I use my school student email accoount?

If you have a question for a teacher, you can email them using your school email account.  Never emailed your teacher before?  No problem, here is a quick how to:

Step 1: Login to your school Google Account (if you are on your school Chromebook, you are already logged in).

Step 2: Click on the Google Apps (waffle icon) icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3; Click on the Mail icon. Need more information about how to use Mail, click here to watch a video.

Step 4: Locate your teacher's email address.  Not sure of your teacher's email address? Click here to view a list.

Note: This email address can only be used to email teachers.  It is not setup for students to email each other.


Resources for Student Learning

Here are some resources for you to use during the school closure.  

Our school district has put together many great resources for all subject areas for you to keep learning.

Learning for Middle School Students from San Diego Unified School District

Also, here are resources that may be provided by a Montgomery teacher or via a purchased school resource.

Math Resources for Ms. Cal's Classes:

Students or families, if you have questions for Ms. Call, please contact her at 619-248-3029.

ALD and 7th Grade English - Ms. Monroe's Classes:

Online Resources and Web Sites:

  • Google Classroom
    • Assignments for class
    • Practice ELPAC testing link (ALD Students)
  • NewsELA
  • FlipGrid
  • Scholastic
  • Brain Pop
  • Khan Academy


  • i will be posting twice a week on FlipGrid.  I will be asking you questions, opening up converstions, and post other tasks for you to do.
    • If you are not sure of the class codes for ALD or 7th grade English, please email Ms. Monroe (mmonroe1@sandi.net) if you are not sure of the class code so the class codes can remain private.
  • Read NewsELA
  • Journal - either in your class notebook or on Google Documents, journal about your days away from school
  • if you turn in late work - please email me so i can update your grade

How to contact Ms. Monroe:

  • Email (mmonroe1@sandi.net)
  • Remind App - if you are not sure of the class Remind App info for ALD or 7th Grade English, please email Ms. Monroe for the information.

Other Academic Ideas:

Start a passion project - What is something you have always wanted to learn about? This is your time to shine - dive into research about that topic! Create a project around it!

  • Build/invent something
  • write a short story
  • write your own TED Talk
  • Learn how to cook/bake something new
  • Create a Google Slides presentatoin about something you love
  • Design a new world
  • Create a bucket list
  • Research places around the world that you want to visit
  • Plan your dream vacation
  • Think about what you might want your first job to be - learn how to do it

Speech-Language Related Service Resources

Ms. Maples, Montgomery's Speech-Language Pathologist, has provided some resources for family collaborative conversations.  Click here to access the resources.


Access thousands of articles for student reading at https://newsela.com/


Access thousands of instructional videos.  Students please remember to login through Clever at https://clever.com/in/sdusd

Scholastic - Learn at Home

Scholastic has created activities for students to do at home.  Click here to access.

Google Classroom Online Learning:

Students, if your teacher has setup a Google Classroom for classroom learning, you can access it at classroom.google.com.

Canvas Online Learning:

Students, if you are in Mr. Roman's class, you are most likely using Canvas as your online classroom learning.  To access Canvas, go to sandiegounified.instructure.com.

Typing Practice:

Vocabulary Practice: