District Home


Middle School Athletic Sports League:

Join Montgomery's football, basketball and/or soccer teams and play against other middle schools in our district. Both boys and girls teams are available. 

Cheer and Dance:

Become a cheerleader and learn awesome cheers and dances from an experienced cheer coach to be performed at out our teams games as well as school talent shows. 


Become a part of our schools Student Body leadership team. Elections for ASB President, Secretary and Treasurer will begin in just a couple of weeks. (6th graders are allowed to be members of the student body team however you must be a 7th or 8th grader to be elected an officer)

Girls Running Club:

A fun program made special for girls where you learn about self empowerment and being healthy. This program comes with a lot of free goodies and ends in a 5k run/walk. Girls on the Run begins Monday September 21st.


We offer fun after school clubs such as art, cooking, science, team building, music and photography.

Homework Club:

Get academic assistance and tutoring from after school professionals as well as local college student volunteers from USD.


 Our drug and gang prevention program, with a focus on character development. This program also in cludes lot of fun events such as Thanksgiving potlucks, holiday parties, camping trips and so much more!!