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When to See Your Counselor

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When To See Your Counselor

Here are some times you should see your counselor.

  • School concerns

  • If you feel harassed or made fun of in any way at school.
  • If your grades need to be better and you need assistance getting the academic help you need.
  • If you have test anxiety.
  • If you need help with your study skills.
  • Any other issues that make you feel nervous or upset at school.

  • When you want to plan what classes you want to take for the next semester.

  • College planning.

  • Career planning.

  • Work permits.

  • Crisis intervention: if you feel like hurting yourself or someone else or you feel really upset about something going on in your life. 

  • Conflict management: If you are having a hard time getting along with anyone at school or home.

  • Behavioral management: If you are having a hard time paying attention in class or find yourself getting into more trouble than you want to.

  • Personal awareness: If you have a hard time making or keeping friends, or you have other personal or social issues that would like to talk to your counselor about.

  • Family concerns: If you are having a hard time getting along with your parents, if there has been a lot of stress in your house because of a change in your family’s finances , if there are issues of substance abuse, other abuse,or a divorce of your parents.

  • Suicide prevention: If a friend has told you that they might do something to hurt him/herself, or if you notice signs or symptoms of suicide in yourself or someone you know.