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TestSMART: Expert View

TestSMART: Expert View

Four studentsWhat Experts Say About Effective Assessment

Testing is a fact of life, from driver's tests to blood tests to High School Exit Exams (CAHSEE) to SAT college entrance tests.

In education, there are nearly 80 million students nationwide, and there has been much debate and study on how to reach the gold standard in assessment and accountability for them. We offer some recent research and non-profit organizations to contact for more information on this complex subject.

San Diego Unified Standards, Assessment and Accountability Department: Our district experts provide comprehensive data and in-depth information on the wide variety of testing programs.

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation: The Concept of Formative Assessment. From the peer-reviewed journal, a review about the concept of formative assessment, and how it works best in the classroom to strengthen learning.

The Value of Assessment in the Classroom: A clearly written journal article about why assessment is needed for teachers to gauge lesson effectiveness and achievement, in order to build on success.

FairTest: One of the major non-partisan non-profit educational think tanks focused the science of assessment.This article focuses on formative assessment.

Assessment Alternatives: More on the developing methods of testing students beyond the multiple choice standardized test for teaching and learning strategies.