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Social Studies Course Catalog

Social Studies Course Catalog

Geography 1-2 (6538, 6539)

Thiscourse introduces students to the physical and cultural geography of NorthAmerica, Eastern Europe, North Africa, East Asia, and the independent states ofthe former Soviet Union. This course allows students to acquire study skills,while providing them with the background necessary to assimilate the content ofsocial studies courses.


World History & Geography (6605, 6606)

CollegePreparatory Course (P) The course examines the following stands: history,geography, economics, culture, and ethics. The course emphasizes nationalidentity, constitutional heritage, and citizenship. It exercises varied study,visual, map/ globe, and critical-thinking skills. World history from the late1700s to the present is explored.


Advanced World History 1, 2 (6645,6646)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse provides an in-depth study of world history from the rise of democraticideas to the contemporary world. Students develop advanced skills in analyzinghistorical, cultural, social, economic, and geographical issues in a globalcontext. Students explore connections between local, national, and globalissues. The course culminates with a critical examination of the problems ofthe modern world.


Advanced World History 1, 2 Seminar(6645S, 6646S)

Prerequisite:Identified seminar students only (as determined by district GATE tests andguidelines) may participate in the seminar program. College Preparatory Course (P). Thisis a college-level course designed to develop an understanding of some of theprincipal themes in World history. It offers an approach that lets students"do history" by guiding them through the steps a historian would takein analyzing historical events and evidence worldwide. The course offersbalance global coverage with Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe allrepresented.


US History & Geography 1, 2 (6701,6702)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Inthe course students examine major turning points in American history in thetwentieth century. The course begins with a review of U.S. history with anemphasis on the nation's beginnings and the industrial transformation of thenew nation. Study the Progressive Era, American participation in World War Iand World War II, the Great Depression, and national issues in the post-WorldWar II era.


History HL 1 IB 1, 2 (6723, 6724)

College Preparatory Course (P).This two-semestercourse supports the International Baccalaureate diploma or certificate program.This course forms the first half of a two-year course of study that preparesstudents to take the IB Higher Level (HL) history exam. This first yearprepares students for the regional studies portion of the exam through anin-depth examination of the different political, economic, and social systemsof the Americas.


Government (6757)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). InGovernment 1 students apply knowledge gained in previous years of study topursue a deeper understanding of the institutions of American government. Thiscourse focuses on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the courts andgovernmental processes, the legislative and executive branches of government,state and local government, and comparative government.


Economics (6758)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thisone-semester course deepens students' understanding of the economic problemsand institutions of the nation and the world. Students learn to make reasoneddecisions on economic issues through the study of fundamental economicconcepts, comparative economic systems, microeconomics, macroeconomics, andinternational economics.


History of the Americas HL 2 IB 1, 2(6647, 6648)

College Preparatory Course (P). Thistwo-semester course supports the International Baccalaureate diploma orcertificate program. This course forms the second half of a two-year course ofstudy that prepares students to take the IB Higher Level (HL) history exam. Thesecond year covers a selection of topics in 20th-century worldhistory, examining issues from both international and U.S. perspectives, anddevelops analytical thinking on an abstract level. The integrated two-yearcurriculum satisfies the Group 3 (Study of Main in Society) requirement for theInternational Baccalaureate diploma.