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Prototype Design Winners - Pepper Canyon Transit Station

On April 6-7, students from Mission Bay HS spent two 12-hour days designing solutions for the future Pepper Canyon Transit Station on UCSD’s campus. Mission Bay fielded the only team of high school students; all the other teams were either in college or adult community members. They spent the first day analyzing issues that the new station would have, transporting an estimated 30,000 passengers a day onto UCSD’s hilly campus into an area where walking is the main mode of transportation. Bikes, pedestrians, scooters, skateboards, and cars all need to co-exist in this micro-mobility challenge of getting both daily commuters and campus guests in and out of the station at all hours.

Sunday, the team of Owen Getz (So), Jade Muckler (Fr), Robert Huffstutler (Sr), Alex Branch (So), Alexis Vergnet (So), and Nyla Hekier (So) built a prototype solution of an autonomous electric transport to help students and visitors navigate the campus quickly and efficiently. Visiting different campus sites on Lime scooters, touring the library, and talking to mentors all helped the Bucs design a solution that was judged First Place in Prototyping. Students split $1000 cash prize and received great applause and admiration from the crowd for their 24 hour design effort and build. UCSD planners, SANDAG representatives, and local politicians all congratulated the team on their resourcefulness and skills throughout the entire design process. They were thoroughly impressed with engineering at Mission Bay. Go Bucs!