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Forms for Clubs & Teams

 Updated: 12/18/13
 Here are the forms necessary to start and run a club or athletic team at Mission Bay.
First, we have an overview PowerPoint presentation that shows all of the rules for compliance with cash-handling, withdrawals, and deposits from student accounts and how to start or renew a club:
Second, we have a video from San Diego Unified's Office of Internal Audit that outlines all money procedures.
Once you have viewed the video, you can sign off on this verification form and submit it to the Administrative Assistant in the main office in order to begin fundraising. 
Each year every club and team need to submit a new Request to Form Club/Team, Constitution, and Trust account form. Teams must include a team roster.
Are you considering starting a new club? Please fill out the Request to Form a Club/Team, Constitution, Trust Account Form. All are short and simple. Turn into ASB Director.
Do you have a parent, individual, or organization wanting to donate to your club to get you some start-up cash? Then, they'll need to have this form in order to know how to earmark the funds and write the check.
In order to have transparency in how money is being collected and spent, these transactions need to be discussed, voted on, and approved in a parliamentary format. The best way to track this is by taking minutes of your (usually very brief and to the point) club / team meetings. Make sure they are signed, dated, and copied.
But wait, you don't have time to be typing all of these minutes! Have one of your students do it and appoint them as the secretary. Use our template to make things easier. Sample Minutes.
You have a brilliant idea for fundraising and you really want to get started on it, soon. Fill out this form at least 2 weeks in advance of your fundraiser, to make sure that you get A.S.B. and administrative approval for your event, and that it follows district policies on fundraising.
So, you've figured out what you're going to sell and for how much. Just take another few minutes to determine just how much money you project that you'll raise as a result of this event. You may be surprised! Better to determine potential loss in advance, and focus on an event that will put money into your club / team account instead of taking away from it.
Finished a fundraiser and need to deposit the checks and cash? Here is the MBHS Deposit Information Sheet  - download it and include your club account number along with any supporting documentation, like receipts.
If you are a parent or community group, booster club, or any group that would like permission from the principal to perform a fundraiser on site at Mission Bay High School, you must first review district procedure on Activities by Foundations, Booster Clubs, and Other Nondistrict Organizations available by clicking District Procedure 9325. To apply for permission from the principal, fill out and submit this form to the front office more than 4 weeks prior to any event. Request for Approval of Fundraising by Non-District Organization.
Do you need to reserve space on campus for your club meetings or activities? If you do, you'll need to get administrative approval by filling out the Buc Sheet and submitting it to the front office. Once the space is reserved, be sure to still check with the A.S.B. if anything involves a special activity or fundraising. We need to fill out this paperwork to make sure that the space isn't already reserved for other campus activities.  
Stay tuned for more helpful information about running a club or team at Mission Bay. This tutorial was created by Matt Moody, former English teacher and Beachcomber advisor,  with the help of Katrin Safa, our Finance Clerk from 2011-2012. Please contact Dennis Kane for any A.S.B.-related questions,