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All freshman students must take the California FITNESSGRAM test,  this test is usually taken in February or March.  The State of California requires all students to take four years of physical education.  SDUSD says that if a student passes two years of phycial education and  5 out of the 6 test then they may opt out of physical education after their sophomore year.  Those sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have not passed 5 of the 6 test will need to stay enrolled in physical edcuation until they do.  This will not however keep them from graduating.  As a freshman students can only take the test once.  As a sophomore, junior, or senior students are tested during two different windows (one in October and the other in February). Click here to find the 2014 - 2015 FITNESS Gram Performance Standards.  Click here for the Pacer Performance Standards.  Click here for the Mile Performance Standards.  If you should have any questions please contact your students physical education teacher.