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Fine Arts Course Catalog

Fine Arts Course Catalog

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Music Theatre 1, 2 (1411, 1412)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse provides a guided workshop in which students can practice and polishtheir musical-theatre audition and performance skills. It requires students tobe self-disciplined and able to set and reach individual goals to make the bestuse of available resources. This course includes the study of the musicaltheatre form, history and styles, as well as major figures in musical theatre.Instruction comes from a combination of departments, including theatre, music,and dance.


Theatre 1, 2 (1423, 1424)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thefirst year's instruction in theatre is directed primarily toward acquiringperformance and language skills through acting, reading, speaking, listening,writing, and body control.


Theatre 3, 4 (1425, 1426)

The second year's instruction intheatre emphasizes the practical application of dramatic theory and relatesdramatic expression to cultural development by involving students in a varietyof production techniques, including makeup, analysis, and stagecraft. Researchand performance of scenes with historical and/or cultural contexts are covered.


Theatre 5, 6 (1427, 1428)

The third year's instruction intheatre is directed primarily toward play production, critical analysis, andoriginal dramatic writing. Coursework provides a realistic balance betweenconcepts and performance.


Beginning Band (5020, 0521)

This course provides instruction inthe basic principles of musicianship and standard band literature. Studentswill learn to play a standard band instrument in an ensemble setting. Expertiseand appreciation is gained through performance of a wide variety of musicalliterature. Instruction of music theory is introduced and reinforced.


Intermediate Band (5320, 5321)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Band(Senior High)

Intermediate is offered to studentswho have completed beginning band work or who have had equivalent study andexperience. Students will further their expertise on their chosen bandinstrument in an ensemble setting, learning more complex musical notation,rhythms, and terminology. This course will focus on the core VAPA musicstandards and will present at least one performance a semester.


Jazz Ensemble (5330, 5331)

CollegePreparatory Course (P). Thiscourse is for a selected instrumentation and/or voices of musically experiencedstudents. It will usually consist of an ensemble appropriate for performing avariety of jazz literature. Students will learn skills and techniques necessaryfor performing jazz literature.

Jazz Ensemble students will presentmore frequent public performances.


Music SL IB 1, 2

Music SL IBprepares students to take the IB Standard Level (SL) exam and satisfies theGroup 6 requirement for the arts.  Thecourse offers students the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity ofmusic throughout the world.  Studentswill be encouraged to develop creatively in their knowledge and understandingof music theory, history and musicianship through the study and performance ofmusic from various cultures, time periods, and styles.  In the course students will not only performin a group, but they will also refine their perceptual skills through a breadthof musical experiences where they will learn to recognize, speculate, analyze,identify, discriminate, and hypothesize in relation to music.  The course syllabus is prescribed through theInternational Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).