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Dress Code


The Mission Bay physical education attire consist of the following for all physical education classes and periods.  This also includes athletic classes.
  • Shorts - Black Mission Bay shorts  or Plain Black Shorts
  • Shirts - Gray Mission Bay T-Shirt or Plain Gray T-Shirt 
  • Shoes - LACE UP athletic shoes. NO Ugg boots, sandals, heels,flip-flops, ballet slippers etc.
  • Socks - White or Black athletic socks

When physical education attire becomes torn, ripped, or defaced the garment must be replaced.  Shirts and shorts must have name legibly written in BLACK permanent marker by a teacher.  NO BAGGY CLOTHES.  NO ROLLING CLOTHES.  NO SAGGING CLOTHES.  NO HATS.  Students may NOT wear their physical education uniform outside of physical education class. In cases of cold weather black Mission Bay sweats, blain black leggings, or plain black sweats may be worn.  Physical education uniforms MUST be taken home and washed on Thursday/Fridays. If a student can not afford a physical education uniform please see your physical education teacher.