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“Friends of Pacific Beach Secondary Schools” (FOPBSS), our Parent Teacher Organization, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation set up for the benefit of the students at Pacific Beach Middle School and Mission Bay High School.

Our goal is to supplement funding for existing programs, new programs, educational supplies, equipment and facility needs to provide a quality education for the students of these schools.

The FOPBSS board of directors is elected annually and consists of the principals, parents and teacher representatives of both schools. We began in 2003 and through your generous support this is just a sample of what we have accomplished since our inception for PBMS and MBHS:

*Technology $40,000

*Discretionary funds for teachers $35,000

*Site improvements $20,000

*Enrichment programs (IB, Marine Lab, Missoula) $25,500

*Campus improvements related to sports $30,600

*Scholarship funds $9,000

* Music & Theatre programs $28,000

* Campus Beautification:$6,500…and much more!

As you can see from the impressive list above, contributions to FOPBSS are making a decided improvement in the quality of our student’s educational experience at PBMS and MBHS.In light of the current budget cuts in public education, however, your generous support is essential to ensure this level of excellence continues.If every parent/guardian reading this letter donated $20.00 it would amount to approximately $44,000 this year to be directed towards enhancing programs and curriculum in need of support.Of course, donations in any amounts are greatly appreciated!All donations of $50.00 or more will receive a letter for tax purposes and are 100% tax deductible.

Please help us support our schools - send your FOPBSS donation today!Simply fill in the information on the attached envelope, enclose a check (made payable to “FOPBSS”), money order or cash (we prefer check for security reasons) and return it to the school office with your student or place it in the mail to FOPBSS, PO Box 99754, San Diego, CA 92169.