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Citizenship Grading


Each day students will receive 10 points for their citizenship grade.  In order for students to keep their 10 points a day please make sure students follow the rules below. Next to each rule in ( ) you will find the amount of points lost if the rule is broken:


  • Students must be suited up in COMPLETE uniform daily. (-10) If student does not have their clothes they are expect to get loaners.  Students are allowed three loaners a quarter. (-3)
  • Be SEATED on your number before the teacher comes out. Tardy if standing. (-2) Students must stay with their assigned class/teacher for entire period.  If not this will be considered a truancy. (-10)
  • Being responsible for your clothes, locker, portfolio, and the equipment you use. (-5) 
  • Play fighting will not be tolerated. (-5) 
  • NO GUM or FOOD (-2) 
  • NO cell phones or ipods (-2) 
  • Using acceptable behavior with your teacher and the students in class. (-5) 
  • Be an ACTIVE LISTENER. Listen carefully and follow directions the first time given. DON’T INTERRUPT! (-5) 
  • Give YOUR best effort! Giving no effort will result in a lose of points. (-5) 
  • Run your warm-up laps or perform warm-up activities. (-3)