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About the Counseling Center

Studying Welcome To Our Counseling Center

Our Counseling Center is here to help you every day. We’re somebody you can talk to about your life here at school, such as classes or student activities, and also if you have a problem such as bullying. We can also talk about your future, such as how to get to college or a great career.

Your High School Years

See your counselor for help in setting goals for high school and picking the right classes. We have the information you need on graduation requirements, student activities and how to enjoy your time here at school. We have tips on better ways to study, careers and adjusting to life in high school.

The California High School Exit Exam is something you'll have to pass before graduating. Most students pass it as sophomores. If you think you'll need help, or just want to talk about it, let your counselor know.

Plus, we're here to help you avoid problems such as substance abuse, plus ways you can learn about diversity and respect for others. We're also someone you can talk to if you're having problems, such as being bullied by others.

We’re Here to Help

Our counselors have special training to help you solve problems, make decisions and stand up for yourself. That doesn't mean your counselor can make all your problems go away, but we can work with you to help cope with the challenges you face everyday.

We can talk with you one-on-one, or in a group of you and your friends, or you and your parents or guardians.

In the counseling center, we work every day to make your school experience the best it can be. We work to help you find the solution to your issues. If necessary we can also refer you to other professionals for more assistance.

The Future

There's a lot to growing up and what to do after high school is one of those challenges. Our counselors can help you on the road to a college, university and/or career program. We're here to help you pick a college, fill out the applications, find scholarships and other steps you'll need to meet your goals. Discover the best college major for your personality, interests and ability; connect with job resources; get a work permit.