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The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is a non-profit organization recognized by federal and state governments as the agency to accredit public,private, and alternative schools. 

Mira Mesa High School completed a self-study in the Spring of 2016 and will go through a 2 day accreditation visit in Spring 2019 with three visiting committee members.
Based on the 2016 visit, MMHS was appointed a full term of accreditation through June 2022. 


To read Mira Mesa's self-study report, click here:  MMHS Focus on Learning2016. 
To read the WASC Visiting Committee's report and findings of MMHS, clickhere:  WASC VisitingCommittee Report
To read the WASC letter of accreditation, click here:  WASC Letter
To read the action plan, click here:  WASC Action Plan
To read Mira Mesa's midterm report from February 2013, click here: MMHS Midterm Report
To read the Visiting Committee's midterm report, click here: Visiting Committee Midterm Report
To read the WASC approval of accreditation through June 2016, click here: WASC Letter 


For questions on WASC Accreditation, contact:

Noelle Yates
WASC Coordinator

(858) 566-2262, Extension x4601