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Testing Information

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What tests do I need to take to get into college?

Visit the website for the Universities/Colleges that you will be applying to in order to make sure you meet each University's/College's testing deadlines.

Community Colleges do not require any entrance exams; however, you will be required to take math and English placement tests when you apply to determine your Math and English levels for course enrollment.

California State Universities (CSUs) require the SAT Reasoning OR ACT.

University of California schools (UCs) require the SAT Reasoning OR ACT with writing; two SAT Subject Tests are recommended for some majors, but are NOT required. See the individual University websites for more detailed information.

Private Colleges and Universities require the SAT Reasoning OR ACT with writing. Some private schools do not require the writing test. See the individual website for each individual school for admission requirements. It is best to take the writing portion in case it is required. If it is not, it will not be considered or count against you.

Highly selective private Colleges and Universitiesalso require two or three SAT Subject Tests. See individual school website for admission requirements. Some campuses prefer certain subject tests depending on major, etc

If you are enrolled in an Advanced Placement (AP) course you it is strongly recommended that you take the AP test for that course in the spring. Advanced Placement tests are given here at MMHS and students sign up at the Finance Office during the registration period. For more information see your AP teacher or Mr. Pilakowski in the Counseling Office for dates and fees.


What is the PSAT and how do I sign up for it?

The PSAT is the practice test for the SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test). It is offered one time a year in the Fall. The test is given school-wide for all Sophomores and Juniors enrolled at MMHS. Students will receive their test booklets back as well as a score report with information about ways to improve scores. They will be receiving it back in January in their English class. Ask your student to show you their score.



Testing Information

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ACT Test Information:
Practice tests on www.crackact.com
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Practice tests on www.cracksat.net