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MSgt Randy Crouch

  • rcrouch@sandi.net

  • (858) 566-2262 ext 4410
  • Room 410
  • MMHS AFJROTC website: mmhsafjrotc.org
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  5. AFJROTC 3, 4

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Support Policy
I'm available at 7:00 AM Mon-Fri and after school from 2:30-4:00 PM Tues & Thurs.
AFJROTC Prep is 1st period and I'm usually available then also.


I'm MSgt Randy Crouch, one of 3 Air Force Junior ROTC instructors at MMHS. MSgt Randy Crouch

I spent 24 years in the US Air Force, mostly working in the Command Post. I was stationed in many awesome places including South Korea, Belgium, Germany, Florida (twice), Arizona (twice), and Illinois. I was born and grew up in Iowa, a great place to be from.

I've been teaching at MMHS since March 1997 and hope to continue through the 2017-2018 school year.

I teach the 2nd year (AFJROTC 3, 4) AFJROTC academics and I am responsible for issuing uniforms to our cadets, with a lot of help from the cadets in the Supply Department.