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MMHS Library

Welcome to the 
Mira Mesa High School Library

Library Hours
Monday-Friday:  6:30am-3:00pm
The Media Center is open before school, at lunch, and after school. 

No food or drink other than water is allowed in the Media Center.

Library Services
The newly remodeled MMHS Library is a large and bright quiet space to study and work.
Students may come to the library to use computers, checkout materials, print documents, or work quietly.
Anyone using the library during classtime must have a pass from their teacher or be wearing their lanyard showing they have a free period.
Teachers may come to the library for any of the services listed above.  Teachers also have access to our collection of DVD's, supplemental resrouces and teacher materials.

Library and Textbook Materials Checkout Policies
Students may checkout up to 5 items for 3 weeks at a time.
Renewals include an additional 3 weeks beyond the original due date.
There is no late fee for reutrning books past their due date so please be responsible and return them on time for others to use.
As soon as you are finished using a textbook or novel, or your teacher says you are finished using the item, please return it to the Circulation Desk ASAP.

Your current students ID card serves as your library card and is used to checkout any library book, textbook or class material.
If you lose your student ID card, you can purchase a replacement from the Finance Office.

Lost Books and Fees
When a student loses or damages materials, such as textbooks and/or libary books, there are FOUR ways to make up for the loss:

1. The student can pay for the materials at the Finance Office.
2. The student can replace the exact item by purchasing online by searching for the ISBN number.
Replacements are not eligible for refunds if the original is found.
3. Make a monthly (reasonable) payment plan.
4. The student can perform service to the school library in lieu of paying money.
Resources are worked off at a rate of $12.00 per hour.

If a book is owed to another school, you may return it to that school or to MMHS and it will be delivered to the appropriate school.
If you owe a fine to another school, it is best to go to that school and pay at the school where the fine originated.
We can accept the payment at MMHS but it can take a few months to clear when money has to be sent to other schools.

All textbooks, calculators, and libary books are due on or before the last day of school.