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Class of 2020 - Congratulations

Good Morning Seniors!

Well, June 9th is finally here. I know that many of you were planning to get up this morning, have a great breakfast, hang out with family and friends and get ready for graduation, but with all that has happened that is simply not possible today. I am excited however to share with you all a senior celebration video that was done by our students for our students. I’ll be honest, this is one of the best Senior updates I have seen! It will probably get a bit emotional, so have some tissues handy… I know it brought a tear to my eye. Also, I want to lift up and recognize the students who worked so hard to put this all together. Congratulations to Sang Tong, Abigail Schmidt, Vivian Nguyen, Andrew Vasbinder, Arthur Nguyen, Michael Trinidad, Chris Diramos, and Rafael Ronquillo. So without further delay, Mira Mesa High School is proud to present your senior update video!


I also wanted to remind everyone that we are still planning to hold a physical graduation ceremony in late July! We may have to break it up into smaller ceremonies, and or limit tickets to accommodate for social distancing, but we know how important it is to everyone to have a physical ceremony so we are looking into all options to keep the plan alive. If we are unable to host the ceremony we will be ready to share the virtual graduation production we have been working on, in place of the in-person celebration. (note: the virtual graduation ceremony is different from this senior update celebration) Also know that if we can have the in-person ceremony we will still share the virtual graduation production with everyone.

This is obviously not how our faculty and staff wanted to close out this momentous year with all of you, but please know that we are all celebrating you today! We will see you again on Friday for our diploma distribution. Stay Strong Marauders!


Jeff Sabins

Mira Mesa High School
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