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Mira Mesa High School Athletics recognizes and fosters the development of commitment, sportsmanship and teamwork.  Instilling a sense of pride and achievement in all student-athletes while developing skills, self-esteem and dignity in an educational environment on and off the field of play.  Mira Mesa High School is committed to providing a well-rounded athletic program that is not only physically challenging but one that promotes and extends the learning outside the classroom in a competitive arena. The skills learned will provide student athletes the opportunity to be successful today and in the future.

In order to participate in Mira Mesa Athletics, athletes must be enrolled at the school. Students that are not enrolled will not be able to continue with athletic clearance process until enrolled at Mira Mesa High School.  Completing the entire athletic clearance process and receiving approval is necessary before any student-athlete can participate in try-outs or practice activities. Parents and students will complete an “Online Athletic Clearance” (follow instructions pg.2).  All students competing in any contest or scrimmage must have a 2.0 in Academics and a 2.0 in Citizenship.  Sport Physicals must be dated after June 6, 2016.                                                 

Note: New district policy enacted this year by the District Office of PE, Health and Athletics- only physical examinations performed after June 6th, 2016 will be accepted by district schools. All physical examinations prior to June 6th, 2016 are considered to be expired for the 2016-2017 school year and must be performed again. For further information regarding this new policy please call (619)725-7126.


Physicals and Concussion Screening offered by Dr Bazzo- Wednesday, June 22, 2016 in the Media Ctr.  $25

This Sports Physical is offered as a convenience. Students and Parents are reminded that they can obtain a Physical from any practicing Medical Doctor of their choice. 


Final Steps to Clearance:

Once you have completed the online registration and had a physical, please return the signed confirmation page and physical to Ron Lardizabal or Joann Schmidt in the main office for final clearance.


Transfer Students:

Students that have attended a high school other than Mira Mesa are considered transfer students.

All transfer students must be cleared and processed to play sports.  Please email the Athletic Director at rlardizabal@sandi.net as soon as possible.  The process can be extensive so it is imperative to start early.


Fall Sports (Aug. – Nov.)

*Try-out Date

Winter Sports (Nov. – Feb).

*Try-out Date

Football (Var/JV/Freshman)     

Aug.  1    (Stadium 3pm)

Girls’ Basketball (Varsity/JV)

Nov. 12

Cross Country (Boys/Girls)

Aug.  10 (9am Stadium)

Boys’ Basketball (Varsity/JV)

Nov. 12  

Field Hockey (Varsity/JV)

Aug. 8 (1:30 Upper Field)

Girls Soccer (Varsity/JV)               

Nov. 12 

Girls’ Tennis (Varsity)

Aug. 8     (8am Courts)

Boys Soccer (Varsity/JV)

Nov. 12

Girls’ Volleyball (Var/JV/Frosh)

Aug. 1     (12:30pm Gym)

Girls’ Water Polo (Varsity/JV)

Nov. 14 

Boys’ Water Polo (Varsity/ JV)

Aug. 8     (TBD Miramar College)

Wrestling (Varsity/JV)

Nov. 12

Girls Golf

Aug. 8     (10am Sorrento Canyon)



*All Try-out Dates are subject to change. Please check website for latest information.


Spring Sports (Feb. – May)

*Try-out Date

Spring Sports (Feb. – May)

*Try-out Date

Boys’ Baseball (Varsity/JV)

Feb. 18

Boys Tennis (Varsity)

Feb. 11

Girls Lacrosse (Varsity/JV)

Feb. 18

Track and Field (Varsity/JV)

Feb. 18

Boys’ Lacrosse (Varsity/JV)

Feb. 18

Boys Volleyball (Varsity)

Feb. 18

Swimming (Boys’/Girls’)

Feb. 13

Boys’ Golf

Feb. 11

Girls’ Softball (Varsity/JV)

Feb. 18

Badminton (Boys’/Girls’)               

Feb. 18


*All Try-out Dates are subject to change. Please check website for latest information.


ATHLETIC CLEARANCE Prepared for Parents by Home Campus

Quick steps for parents/students using the online athletic clearance process.


Online Athletic Clearance:  WEBSITE WILL OPEN ON JUNE 6, 2016. 



1.    Visit www.AthleticClearance.com

2.    Watch quick tutorial video

3.    Register. Parents/Guardians register with first and last name, a valid email username and password. You will be asked to type in a provided code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate.

4.    Login

5.    Select “Start Clearance Here!” to start the process.

6.    Choose the School Year in which the student plans to participate.

Example: Football in Sept 2016 would be the 2016-2017 School Year.

Choose the School at which the student attends and will compete for.

Choose Sport

7.    Complete all required fields for Student Information, Medical History, Parent/Guardian Information and Signature Forms.

8.    Once you reach the Confirmation Message you have completed the process. Please review and print the confirmation page.

9.    All of this data will be electronically filed with your school’s athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.


Online Athletic Clearance FAQ

Multiple Sports

Once you complete a clearance for one sport, most of the information you have entered will be retained in the system. To register for an additional sport, select Clearances at the top and then Start Clearance Here!  After entering the year, school and additional sport, most of your information will auto fill.



The physical form can be downloaded on Step #1 or under Student Info at the bottom of the page. You must turn in a hard copy of the physical along with the signed Confirmation page to Ron Lardizabal or Joann Schmidt in the Main Office for final clearance to participate. 

Athletic Physicals must be Dated after June 6, 2016


            Online Questions? Contact Lindsay@athleticclearance.com                    Updated: May 20, 2016