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Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Please also visit the school district's website for more information regarding Transitional Kindergarten.
Marvin Elementary's kindergarten program features "Transitional Kindergarten" classrooms. These classes are composed of children who turn five between September 2nd - December 2nd, or whose parents of a Kindergarten aged child have decided that they are likely to need two years of exposure to the kindergarten standards before mastery.
Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classes use the same curriculum and standards as our "regular" kindergarten classes. What makes this program different is that the children are neither expected, nor required to be proficient in all kindergarten areas. The TK students are exposed to the kindergarten curriculum, but the main focus of their lessons are the behaviors and skills required to master the curriculum, rather than the curriculum itself. The TK students are learning how to be students.
Generally speaking, the children in the TK class are younger. These are the students who begin the year as four year olds. Although some of the students are legally of age to enter kindergarten, most will struggle with the academic rigors of the regular kindergarten program. However, after a few months, some may show readiness. If the children show that they are, indeed, proficient in most areas, they are moved into a regular kindergarten classroom with the expectation that they will begin first grade the following year. The fluidity of the TK program ensures its appropriateness for all students.
Children who are not proficient in most areas, are expected to repeat kindergarten the following year. The parents, who requested that their children be placed in this program, are fully aware of this and support the idea. Of course, it is their option, as with all kindergarten parents, to enroll their children in first grade. However, due to the fact that the parents chose this unique program for their children, we do not anticipate that parents will disagree with the teacher's holdover request.
If, for some reason, a child must change schools mid-year and attend a school that does not offer a TK program, his or her transition should be as smooth as any other transferring kindergartner. Because the TK program bases its instruction on the kindergarten standards, all TK students are receiving the same lessons as any other kindergarten program. However, because of the issues that prompted the parents to initially enroll the student in the TK program, he or she might still be requested to repeat kindergarten.
Marvin's Transitional Kindergarten program has proven to be enormously successful. The students who spent the previous year in the TK classroom are the early leaders in their regular kindergarten classes. They are far more confident, capable, mature, and can much more easily handle the rigors of the kindergarten curriculum. The year that these students spent in the TK program taught them how to be strong, successful students.