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Visual and Performing Arts Exploration

Anime and Manga, Art and Poetry, Art, Cartoon Drawing, Jazz Band, Painting, Pencil Sketching, Photography, Comic Design and Guitar

Anime and Manga- You’ll learn how to draw your favorite characters, and make up your own original ones, too.
Art and Poetry- Students look at different art pieces, write individual/group poetry and create artwork to match the poems
Art- Learn the elements and principles of design by cutting, pasting, and coloring, gluing, folding, and tearing a variety of media to make beautiful artwork.
Cartoon Drawing- Learn to use circles, lines and shapes to correctly form animals, people and other types of figures. Learn how to use color to make a simple drawing look more realistic.
Comic Design - Have fun with comic design and learning that style of drawing.
Guitar- Learn how to play guitar or if you already know how come and play along as others learn.
Jazz Band- Marston's jazz band meets daily during advisory. Students in jazz band will participate in this special class for the duration of the school year.
Painting- Study the paintings of Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, and then make your own original paintings.
Pencil Sketching- Students will learn to sketch and draw using basic techniques with graphite and colored pencils.
Photography- Learn about the fundamentals of a good photograph by practicing finding the center of interest and using the rule of thirds, then use those principles to take your own photos.