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How Does AVID Work?

Science classAdvancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Mission Statement
The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, especially middle-performing students, will:
• succeed in the most rigorous curriculum;
• enter the mainstream activities of the school;
• increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and
• become educated, responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.

What is AVID?
AVID is a program designed to help under achieving middle and high school students prepare for and succeed in colleges and universities. Students in the program commit themselves to improvement and preparation for college. AVID offers a rigorous program of instruction in academic“survival skills” and college level entry skills. The AVID program teaches the student how to study, read for content, take notes, and manage time. Students participate in collaborative study groups or tutorials led by tutors who use skillful questioning to bring students to a higher level of understanding.

• 2.0–3.5 GPA
• CTB TerraNova scores between the 50th and 88th percentiles
• Teacher and administrator recommendation
• Express commitment to achievement

Middle School AVID
Themiddle school AVID program for Department of Defense Education Activity(DoDEA) Pacific begins in the 7th grade. AVID is an elective classwhich meets during the regular school day. In preparation for thecollege prep curriculum in the high school, AVID students areencouraged to enroll in rigorous courses, such as Algebra I and aforeign language.  Two Pacific Area middle schools have reached Schoolof Distinction.

High School AVID
Thehigh school AVID program is ideally a four-year program for studentswho have the potential to succeed in college prep courses. Suchstudents demonstrate a desire to attend college. Upon acceptance intoAVID, students must also enroll in college prep courses which willresult in fulfilling entry requirements for most stateside colleges anduniversities. AVID is an elective class which meets during the regularschool day.
AVID Program Worldwide
AVIDis offered in more than 1,500 schools including Department of Defenseschools in Europe and the Pacific. AVID has an enrollment of about120,000 students worldwide. Approximately 95% of AVID high schoolgraduates enroll in college with more than 60% enrolled in four-yearcolleges. AVID graduates persist in college at an 89% rate.

What AVID is...

  • AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.
  • AVID is an in-school academic support program for grades 4-12 that prepares students for college eligibility and success.
  • AVID places academically average students in advanced classes.
  • AVIDlevels the playing field for minority, rural, low-income and otherstudents without a college-going tradition in their families.
  • AVID is for all students, but it targets those in the academic middle.
  • AVID is implemented school-wide and district-wide.

What AVID isn't...

  • AVID isn't a remedial program.
  • AVID isn't a free ride.
  • AVID isn't a niche program.
  • AVID isn't a college outreach program.