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Ms.Bowers needs help building Marston's River Rock Memorial.


Memorial River

Help me give my students rocks and paint to create a memorial river at MMS.

My Students

There is no other school like MMS. My school offers the most STEAM courses and has the best learning environment. We believe that it is only when students engage in something they're truly passionate about, that they can realize their full potential. Our structure allows students to build on their strengths and also explore some potential new passions.

At my school, we believe in all of our students and pride ourselves on integrating college-prep rigor in all courses.

Students in the 8th grade class are engaging in interdisciplinary project based Learning, helping students to connect to real-world, relevant issues of importance to them. Thank you for helping us support students in their learning.

My Project

Our project is the creation of a Memorial Rock River Garden. This project will be carried out through multiple classes, with students critically evaluating what they feel should be memorialized, whether it be histrocial events, influential people, or personal reflections. Through this project, students will better understand the importance of history and community. The resources we will need are rocks large enough to paint inscriptions on and paint with sealer that will hold up to the weather as it will be outside.

Each student will paint a stone with their memorial tribute that they will add to the river, creating a Memorial Rock River Garden for the school and community to enjoy and reflect on.

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