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Dear Families,

Welcome to the new school year at Marston Middle School. Our primary goal is to provide the means for any student to attend school no matter what their health related challenges may involve and to provide excellent nursing care for all students and staff. We want all students to experience a productive, rewarding, and healthy school experience. Below you will find links to useful information in regards to your students health. Do not hesitate to contact the Nurses Office if you have any questions.

  1. When to keep a student home from school (Eng) ,  (Spanish)

  2. Immunizations

    No shots, no records no school 

    CDC immunization information

  3. PE modification 

    A temporary PE excuse from parent or health office can only be used for 3 days.

  4. Medication at School

  5. Student Concussion Protocol, Concussion Facts (Eng) , (Spanish)

  6. SDUSD Forms and Fact Sheet

  7. Wellness Policy

Thank You,

Margaret Li, RN, MSN, PHN


Judith Hernandez, HT


Phone: (858) 810-7500
Fax: 858.272-3460