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Creative Academics Exploration

Yearbook, Academic Bowl, Creative Writing, Film Study, Mythology, Reading, Entrepreneurship, Civics and Debate

Yearbook- Students in this special exploration class will create Marston's official yearbook by taking pictures and designing pages. Students in yearbook will be in the same exploration class with the same students and teacher for the majority of the year.

Academic Bowl- Students fine tune their ability to answer questions in timed situations and against competitors. Students study categories, scrimmage with one another, learn strategies for memorization, and write their own quiz questions.

Creative Writing- Write your own stories by developing your own plots and creating your own characters.

Film Study- Compare versions of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Othello. Parent permission required.

Mythology- Study various Greek myths, as well as the major players featured in each myth. We will look at stories, movies, and illustrations of various myths.

Read for Fun- Love to read? Hate to read? Reading is one of the keys to success in life! This is your time to read novels or textbooks – poetry or magazines – Just Read It!

Civics- In the Civics/Election course, students will be able to explore what it means to be an active member of a democracy while using the quadrennial Presidential election as a learning tool. Students will navigate the Electoral College, factcheck presidential candidates, and discover their own opinions as future voters

Entrepreneurship- How to be a Millionaire! Learn about investments, the stock market, and business. May include a field trip to BizTown.

Debate- In Debate, students will be able to use their critical thinking skills to develop arguments and explore issues that inspire passion. By researching supporting evidence for their positions, students will learn to engage in civil and intellectual dialogue about a variety of issues