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Welcome to Marston Middle School's
Counseling Department

Marston takes pride in its counseling and guidance program. Services offered are social and emotional, academic, career and group counseling and guidance. Counseling can be on a one-time basis or on a continuing basis. In addition, the counselor can assist in referrals to outside agencies. Students wishing to see the counselor should use the sign-up sheet in the Counseling Center. Parents should feel free to call with any questions regarding their child.

If you have an immediate concern about your child's mental health, please call the
San Diego Access and Crisis Line at 1-800-479-3339


Head Counselor
Alease Teijaro
School Psychologist


Counseling and Guidance Services at Marston

The counseling department uses curriculum and practices that consist of structured developmental experiences presented to students in the classroom, small and large groups, and individually. Our counseling staff is committed to using the ASCA National Counseling Standards

Counseling Guidance Curriculum includes:
    •    Orientation and registration of new and existing students
    •    Support of at-risk students
    •    In school articulation
    •    Conflict resolution
    •    Classroom Guidance lessons that support our goals
    •    8th grade 4 year plan conferences
    •    Support, education and prevention of at-risk behavior in small and large groups
    •    Career and College Exploration and Planning

Course Scheduling Procedures
Students’ elective courses were selected based on the course requests submitted during the previous spring semester. Students who meet grade level proficiency will be placed in electives. We're sorry, but we can not accomadate requests to be placed with a specific teacher.
For Tutoring needs please check the Tutoring Schedule
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