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Citizenship Grades

 Marston Middle School







Citizenship grading standards should be used as a general guide rather than a rigid rule. It is highly recommended that for any citizenship mark less than satisfactory, the teacher contact the parent prior to the grade report.

1. An Excellent (E)Student has outstanding classroom behaviors:

a.     Always cooperates; works efficiently in any situation, whether in group activities or independently.

b.     Completes work on time.

c.     Promotes the welfare of the class. The classis better because this student is in it.

d.     Uses time and material effectively.

e.     Assumes responsibility for completing own work.

f.      Is always courteous and trust worthy.

g.     Consistently exhibits constructive attitude toward all school regulations and accepts

h.     Takes correction in good spirit.

i.      Has excellent attendance - no tardiness, no truancy, and absence due to illness only.

j.      Is seated when the bell rings.

k.     Waits for the teacher, not the bell, to dismiss class.

l.      Walks in the halls.

m.   Cares for school property.

n.     Arrives at school clean, properly dressed,and ready for work.

o.     Has the necessary tools or equipment inreadiness for each class.


2. A Good (G)student:

a.     Is always courteous.

b.     Completes work on time.

c.     Contributes to a positive atmosphere in the class.

d.     Meets all or most of the requirements of the class.

e.     Makes occasional contributions to class discussions.

f.      Is on time to class daily and absences are excused.

g.     Cooperates toward group activities.

h.     Has the necessary tools or equipment in readiness for class.


3. A Satisfactory(S) student:

a.     Is generally cooperative with teacher andpeers.

b.     Completes work on time.

c.     Is courteous in most situations.

d.     Is on time to class.

e.     Attends school regularly (absences areexcused).

f.      Shows self-control and self-discipline,accepts corrections in the right spirit.

g.     May deviate from the above standards sometime sbut conforms when directed by the teacher.

h.     Needs more encouragement than a "G"student and has to be reminded of his/her responsibilities.


4. A student who Needs (N) to Improve:

a.     Sometimes hinders the progress of the class.

b.     Is discourteous and undependable at times.

c.     Is irregular in attendance, has unexcused absences, and occasionally comes tardy to class.

d.     Frequently needs supervision, lacks self-discipline.

e.     Is often talkative and inattentive.


5. An Unsatisfactory(U) student:

a.       Exhibits behavior patterns which do not fit in our school; causes class disruptions.

b.       Is often rude, belligerent, or uncooperativ ewith others.

c.       Needs constant supervision, lacksself-control, and self-discipline.

d.       Is not trustworthy.

e.       Misuses or destroys school property or that of other students.

f.       Is habitually tardy.

g.       Is truant.

h.       Consistently refuses to accept correction from adults.

i.       Has been insolent and/or defiant.

j.       Has received more than one referral to office and yet continues to create a disturbance in class.