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According to District Procedures (4705) and the District Course of Study, middle school CORE curriculum subjects (English, Social Studies, History, Math and PhysicalEducation) are yearlong courses. The grade issued in June, reflects a student's work, achievement and completion of course competencies from September through June. The June grade should not reflect the last six weeks only.In order to record an F grade on any report card, parents must be notified in writing that this may occur.  Choosing the comment “may fail at the semester” satisfies this requirement, although it is HIGHLY recommended that other communication take place with the parent about astudent’s failing grade. 

A failure grade inJune cannot be assigned if the student's 5th progress report gradeis not an "F" grade or if the comment “may fail at the semester” isnot included on the 5th progress report.  The most statistically accurate method for assessing yearly grades is for a teacher to average the three progress reportgrades to assign a semester grade and to average the January semester grade with the June semester grade to assign the year grade, which is then recorded on the June report card. 


1.     All teachers shall make a written report to parents or guardian, and to the principal, on students doing unsatisfactory work. Unsatisfactory work is defined as student progress that is failing.E-mail notification is acceptable as long as you can verify that the parent received the information.  A School Messenger robo-call is not appropriate as it is not possible to know who received the telephone message. 

2.     The principal shall take necessary steps to inform teachers of this responsibility. Reports of notification of unsatisfactory progress must be issued whenever it becomes evident to a teacherthat a student is in danger of failing a course, but sufficiently in advance of grade reports to permit improvement (usually five weeks). 

3.     Notification must be in the form of a written report, a failing grade may not be issued unless such notification is made .Refusal of a parent or guardian to respond to a written report shall not preclude failing the student at the end of the grading period, (Education CodeSection 49067). 

4.     Semester grades for semester and year courses should reflect the student's achievement for the entire eighteen weeks, notjust the last six. 

5.     Progress reports will be issued every six weeks. 

6.     All teachers should use the district approved computer grading program in order to have the capacity to print out missing assignments and current grades and status of student work on any given day. StudyHall teachers, after school homework assistance teachers, counselors, and administrators use this information to direct non-classroom student work.  Parents have come to expect access to online information through the PowerSchoolParent Portal and students can track their assignments and grades throughthe Student Portal. 

7.     Teachers should inform parents and others of homework and classwork grading policies, late work policies, homework assistance and other vital class information through a syllabus posted on theschool website.