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About Marston Middle School

There is no other school like Marston Middle School.  Marston offers the most STEAM courses and has the best learning environment.  Marston students take 7 classes per day, while most schools offer just 6. Marston students get to choose an elective class from a list of about 10 choices.  In addition to the elective class, students take 10 exploration courses throughout the year during first period.  Marston offers 50 of these 3-week exploration courses and students only attend the exploration classes that they personally selected.  We believe that it is only when students engage in something they're truly passionate about, that they can realize their full potential.  Our structure allows students to build on their strengths and also explore some potential new passions.

At Marston we believe in all of our students and pride ourselves on integrating college-prep rigor in all courses.  This is only possible because of the excellent teachers we have.  Marston teachers are very experienced, compassionate and invested in the school and community.  Marston has a very stable faculty; most teachers have been working at Marston for more than 15 years. 

Comprehensive Student Support 

We continuously have a pulse on each student’s academic progress.  Every 3 weeks, each student takes a test on the key learning targets from that cycle.  Students who do not pass the assessment participate in an intervention period where he/she learns the content in a different format.  This second attempt at learning helps students learn the critical content and be prepared for upcoming content.  In addition to intervention classes offered during advisory, drop-in tutoring is offered on most days before school, after school and during lunch.  Reaching every child is possible at Marston because of the commitment, compassion and determination of all of our staff members.


Marston’s campus is extremely conducive to safety and comfort.  700 students do not feel crowded on Marston’s generous 20 acre campus, rich with trees, grass, wide walkways and cool ocean breezes.  At lunchtime students use the large, outdoor athletic facilities to play sports and interact with peers.  Some students during lunchtime stay near the cafeteria where ASB facilitates games and plays music.  

Marston also helps achieve its positive school environment with ongoing professional development in evidenced-based programs such as Capturing Kids’ Hearts, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS).

Marston staff members regularly reinforce positive student behavior by writing Caught Being Good cards.  Every Friday during lunch Principal Gollias recognizes students who were Caught Being Good.

Marston students participate in clubs such as Spanish Club, Robotics Club and CJSF. 

Marston is constantly offering additional new opportunities to students such as swim classes, robotics competitions, presentations from authors, spelling bees and field trips to Sea World, Thinkabit Lab and local universities.

All Marston classrooms are equipped with a Promethean Board  and a class set of computers.  Marston families don’t need to worry about transporting computers, damage fees or overnight charging.

Gifted & Talented Education

Marston is one of the few schools in the region with a Model A GATE program.  Over 30% of Marston students are GATE identified.  Marston offers both cluster and seminar classes in language arts and social studies.  

Advanced Math Classes 

Accelerated math classes are offered at each grade level.  Eligibility is based on placement tests, report card grades and teacher recommendations.

Before and After School Care

The YMCA’s Primetime provides free on-campus before and after-school activities for students including instrumental music, painting, team sports, cooking and Girls on the Run.

Come visit us!

We host school tours at 10:00 a.m. on the first Friday of each month.  Please check our school website to confirm the date before arriving.
At approximately 700 students, Marston is the perfect size to offer a great variety of courses yet small enough to offer a feeling of community where everyone knows each other. 
Marston is Safe, Positive and Fun! 

The Future of Marston 

Over 20 million dollars were allocated to Marston as a result of Propositions S and Z.  Upcoming projects include: telecommunications upgrades, renovated bathrooms, new athletic facilities, renovated building interiors, new windows and new HVAC systems.